P.F.I. in Licolnshire was the venue for the fourth round of the 2005 Super 1 Championship.

Race name
Time Behind Leader
Fastest Lap

    Race 2, Heat 2 Snr Max
32.10 Secs
0:48:04 (Lap 3)

    Race 9, Heat 4 Snr Max
11.45 Secs
0:47.55 (Lap 7)

    Race 15, Heat 6 Snr Max
9.86 Secs
0:47.87 (Lap 7)

    Race 22 'B' Final Snr Max
13.14 Secs
0.47:68 (Lap 10)

  The fourth round of the British Super One Championship was at P.F.I. and yet again we had an unlucky start to race day.
  After Practicing and working on our set-up on Friday we went into Qualifying on Saturday feeling quite confident.
  The weather was hot all weekend and consistant with the grip increasing significantly over the weekend, after a very
  green track for the Friday. We were being helped again by Dan Hazzlewood at Fusion and we were having trouble
  matching his set-up at the front due to a different hub and wheel configuration, This contributed to the fronts graining
  during qualifying, most of which Jamie spent stuck to the back bumper of Gavin Petty (36) which Jamie thought was
  helping toe him down the straights, but I was watching thinking it just appeared to cost him time and certainly did not
  allow Jamie to establish his own rythems at all.
  The help from Dan at Fusion went some way to securing our best qualifying position to date, 47th, 0.96 Sec off pole.
  On Sunday morning, we had decided to reduce our front tracking but had to resort to using different offset front
  wheels to achieve some of what we were looking for, it working and Jamie was very happy with the set-up of the kart
  Our first heat all but ended after 3 corners when Jamie clattered into a spinning kart in front of him helped along
  by a hefty push that badly bent the rear bunper onto the tyre, up to that point Jamie had moved from 19th to about 8th.
  The next heats were more like business as usual although heat one had concelled the fact that we did not have the correct
  gearing on to hold his place down the straights, this was sorted for the last heat and the kart looked so much better.
  The final started well but a small mistake at this level costs you dear, and as Jamie clipped the inside kerb of the last
  lifting the inside wheel high and carrying the kart wide on the grass-crete on the exit of the corner cost him two or
  places instantly, then a coule of other top driver that were having bad heats forced their way past Jamie resulting in a 19th
  at the flag.
  Two days later and Jamie was complaining about sore ribs, which can only be down to the immence grip at P.F. on race
  The facilities at P.F.I. are second to none in this country, and the circuit is aways in top condition, making for a perfect
  weekend for everyone.

  We are all looking forward to coming back next year already