Rowrah in Cumbria was the venue for the third round of the 2005 Super 1 Championship.

Race name
Time Behind Leader
Fastest Lap

    Race 2, Heat 2 Snr Max
24.04 Secs
0:56:55 (Lap 8)

    Race 12, Heat 5 Snr Max
12.07 Secs
0:56.66 (Lap 2)

    Race 18, Heat 7 Snr Max
0:59.07 (Lap 1)

    Race 23 'B' Final Snr Max

  The third round of the British Super One Championship at Rowrah proved to be a typical visit to the Lake District with
  typically changeable weather all weekend, although in the main it was wet running. We didn't run on the wet track early
  on Friday but did get some good work done to establish a good dry set-up and balance for dry running.
  Jamie also confirmed his preference for the new engine, which we were running for the first time.

  We spent Saturday in the awning at Fusion Motorsport with the help of Piers Sexton we quickly got to grip with the
  wet conditions.
  The assistance proved to be an great boost as we set a season best 31st in qualifying, a real bonus for Jamie's efforts.
  On Sunday morning, we just hoped it stayed wet, the work done on Saturday would have been lost completely had the
  weather improved, luckily it was not until the finals that the track was good for slicks.

  Our heats were a very mixed bag again, Our first heat saw Jamie pushed through all the corners on the first half lap, until
  he was finally pushed off the track completely, to rejoin in 24th, having drawn an 11th place grid, not what you expect with
  six of clerks in attendance !. Jamie scraped back to 20th by the flag.
  Jamie's second heat saw him start fully at the back, which seems to be the safer place to start from, he came through to
  finish 16th in that heat.
  Heat three came up on us rather quicker than we would have liked, the off track exploits in heat one had bent a sprocket,
  and the priority was to reset the ratio so we could run a smaller rear sprocket, this work was just completed in time and
  we got down to the dummy grid to be boosted from 4th to 3rd on the grid with Raymie Eastwood on P2 and
  Denis Gorman on P4.
  Raymie, Denis and Jamie made short work of no 45 Michael Sanderson,the pole sitter on lap 1, and pulled a gap on the
  The kart looked spot on and Jamie chased Gorman and Eastwood even though he was having problems from the
  start, The engine had not been fully secured following our hasty ratio change and the rocking motor threw it's chain just
  as Jamie crossed the line on the second lap, he fixed it and rejoined a couple of laps down, but only managed another
  half lap before it came off again, this time it stayed off.
  Our efforts earned Jamie a 24th slot on the grid for the 'B' Final, in some very good company, and we hoped to get well
  into the top ten, by the flag.
  As the lights went green the middle of the pack was pushing hard on the group, and the result was mayhem, before
  the first corner. As the karts in the midfield locked together and spun to a stop blocking the track, the drivers who had
  not been pushing, closed the gap, with for us,..... terminal consequences.
  Jamie's initial impact, bent a steering arm and his weight bent his steering column so badly it jammed on the petrol tank.
  Then the others skidded in and for good measure bent our axle.