Scott started racing in 2002 on a second hand Cadet Techno in Comer Cadet Class, at
 the original Forest Edge Track and Clay Pigeon. This first year was a tremendous
 learning curve for the team. Scott and Jamie's first run ever was actually at
 Blackbushe during the Christmas holiday of 2001. The day proved to be very eventful,
 it was very cold and damp. If you know Blackbushe you will not be surprised that the
 track did not dry all day, Scott rarely got through the chicane without spinning, but
 certainly enjoyed his first taste of karting.

 2002 was really just a season to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible and to progress
 from the novice plates with the minimum number of races.
 This was achieved with ease, collecting a number of best novice awards on the way. This success was followed by several
 credible placings against teams and drivers considerably better funded than our own.
 Towards the end of 2002 we thought we might be able to run Scott for another year in Cadet, with a WTP engine,
 so we changed from Comer to WTP with a couple of meetings left in the year. Scott seemed to enjoy the additional
 performance, he really seemed to get the bit between his teeth. As time unfolded it became clear that Cadet for another
 year was not an option, so Scott moved to Mini-Max.

 Scott had no option but to move up from cadet to a junior class in 2003
 His birthday falls in December, and as he turned twelve meant he could no longer
 compete as a cadet.
 This posed one of two major questions that needed to be resolved before the start
 of the new season, TKM or Mini-Max.
 The Mini-Max class was being talked about but homologation of the class seemed to
 be taking forever, the Rotax powered option was odds on favourite with the team.

 We had learned quite a bit while running Jamie in Junior and TKM as a push start class did not inspire dad, who already
 went home from race meetings worn out !
 The main problems that needed to be sorted were where to place all the lead, and how to bring the controls within the
 reach of Scott's tiny frame. The later was achieved by some home brewed engineering and a lot of help from one of dad's
 work mates.
 The season proved very difficult for the team for a number of reasons, we finally got the chassis to work in such a way
 that Scott could drive it, but man handling a kart with so much ballast on it did make us ponder if TKM would have been
 the better route ! Ballast was in the order of 14kg for most of the time.
 The difficulties combined with the lack of results was very disappointing for the whole team,
 but there was good news for 2004.

 At the start of 2004 Scott started racing with Jamie's newer Sodikart-H4 chassis and
 engine that had only done one years racing. This combined with the fact that Scott
 had grown a little meant a few kilos of ballast could be removed and he had just a
 little more muscle to help him drive more easily.
 2004 actually proved to be a year of very mixed fortunes, Scott started the season
 very positively and fairly early on in the year the opportunity to acquire a almost new
 Sodikart SR4 came along which we jumped at, this meant that both Jamie and
 Scott were now running exactly the same chassis for the first time.
 Ideally much simpler for the setting up except they both drive very differently !!!.

 2004 was a relatively short season for Scott, which was down purely to the lack of budget, we were still racing mainly
 at Clay Pigeon and Forest, but we made a point of both boys running at the Extreme Max May Day event at P.F.I.
 This was a two-day championship event which, opened our eyes to the quality of circuits that were around the rest
 of the country. Although Scott did not race much more in 2004 he continued to practice at as many circuits as we
 could get him to, to broaden him as a driver.

 In 2005 Scott has made a very big decision off his own back, as he was aware that his
 brother wanted to compete in Super 1, and he understood the costs involved.
 Scott has elected to have a years sabbatical.
 This will enable the team to fully support his brother Jamie in his 2005 season.


   NAME:                 Scott Garvie

   HOMETOWN:     Titchfield Common, HANTS.

   D.o.B.:                  21/12/90

   HEIGHT:             4ft 8in

   WEIGHT:            38.5 kg

   BROTHER:         Jamie

   JOB:                     Paper Round, & year 9 at School

   FAVOURITE T.V. SHOW:    Simpsons

   FAVOURITE F1 DRIVER:   David Coulthard


   FAVOURITE CAR:               Vauxall Astra Custom

   FAVOURITE ACTOR:          Adam Sandler

   FAVOURITE SINGER:         Eminem

   STARTED RACING:            When I was 11, in 2002

   BEST RESULT:                    4th at Clay Pigeon

   BEST MOMENT:                 So far only in my dreams !!

   OTHER SPORTS:             Golf, R/C Car Racing, Running,
                                             Swimming, Mountain Biking

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